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HTML 5 – What it can mean for web development

May 31st, 2010 · No Comments

By now you have probably heard about HTML5, the upcoming revision to the current HTML standard on the web, however you may not know what it can actually do. HTML5 (when fully launched) will allow for rich website development content to be displayed directly in the code. This means that technology such as Flash may become obsolete upon its launch.

Now before you throw your current version of flash out the window, HTML5 won’t be fully released for at least 5-10 years. Developers around the world are meeting on a regular basis to determine what the final functionality of the language should be.

There are ways to start using some of the new HTML5 functionality in your current website applications. Browsers such as Firefox and Chrome are already supporting certain tags. It also appears that Internet Explorer 9 beta also supports a few HTML5 tags.

Right now HTML5 is an important new technology to keep up to date with, but unless your audience has the latest and greatest technology  it would be best to not rely on this technology until it has been officially released.

You can learn more about HTML5 here.

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