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What makes a good website?

June 8th, 2010 · No Comments

What makes a good website? This can be a very subjective topic as people like different things, however, as we can’t define what a “good” website is, we can define what makes an effective website.

To make your web presence effective you need to be aware of these four key components: content, design / layout, usability and ability to be found. Let’s start off with content.

In the search engine world you’ll hear “content is king” over and over again, and while this is true not everyone understands why. Sure, you can have a ton of content on your website, but if it is not written well people will be less enticed to read it. You want to make sure that your web content is written at a 6th grade or lower level, this helps to ensure that your audience will be able to understand what you are presenting them with. If your topic is extremely complex be sure to explain it thoroughly. If you’re not a great writer, have a professional copywriter Keep in mind that it is the content on your website that is keeping your visitors there, not the flashy design or because you found them through a search engine.

This leads us nicely into the design & layout aspect of your website. You do not want to neglect your website design as the graphics and layout lend credibility to your organization. You have probably been to a website of a store that you frequent and even though their store front looks great their website looks dingy and old. Imagine that you have never been to the store front location. The dingy old image is all that your customer has of you. Be sure to hire a professional web design & development company to handle your website design.

Having a great design can help retain your visitors interest longer but having a site that is not user-friendly will drive them away faster than anything else. Your web visitors have a very short attention span and if they cannot find what they are looking for within the first 15-30 seconds they will leave. Studies show that more than half of those visitors will never return. Having a qualified web development company build the structure and layout of your website will ensure that users will be able to find the information they are looking for. Don’t neglect this area of your website because you “know a friend” that can build websites, they need to understand what makes an effective website and what doesn’t.

The ability to be found online is one of the most important aspects of having a website, after-all what is the point of paying good money for a website and having nobody go to it? Search engine optimization can be a quite complex task and a good web development company should know what to do to make your site as friendly to the search engines as possible. Your web developer should be building your site using the latest web standards to ensure compatibility across various browsers and platforms. They should also not rely heavily on images or flash animation as the search engines cannot easily “see” what is in those files. Your web developer should also know how to use headings, lists and other HTML codes to their advantage to boost your search rankings.

Reynolds Design Studio can handle all of your web development needs from content, layout and design to custom programming, functionality and search engine optimization. Call us today at 507-358-9098 or email sales@reynoldsdesignstudio.com to get started on your web development project today.

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