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At Reynolds Design Studio we believe that a website should be an extension of your business; your website should be visually appealing, of course, but it should be functional and most importantly search engine friendly. We believe that if a website cannot be found through the search engines your website is doing you a disservice. By working with some of the best search engine optimization people in the region we make sure each website is built to maximize your position in web engine searches.

All of our websites, whether they be simply informative, contain a large database application or a custom content management system, are built using the same methodology to ensure a consistently high quality site.

1. Initial Consultation
Each website design begins with an informative meeting with one of our web designers (either in person or over the phone) to gain an understanding of what you want your website to accomplish. We then create a custom plan for your new website that will be used throughout the entire development process.

2. Market Research
Jumping into a web site design without proper research is a recipe for disaster; your website could easily miss key elements of your business. We research your company and industry, combine that with our vast experience of online projects to make sure your website is meeting your expectations. It is during this phase that we will purchase your domain name (if you don’t already own one).

3. Website Mockup
Within a week of signing with Reynolds Design Studio, you will have a non-functional one-page mockup of your new website. After reviewing the mockup we will schedule a meeting, typically 2-3 days after the design has been given to you, to discuss the design in greater detail. We incorporate your input and rework the design accordingly.

4. Website Coding
Coding is where we make your website design come to life. During this stage we test your website functions on all major browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera to ensure interoperability. We keep you updated on your website's progress via telephone or email. We also provide you with a secured location to view your site which you can use to monitor the progress of development and to get feedback from friends and potential customers.

5. Adding of Content
This part goes hand-in-hand with the website coding, as a website without content is like a house that is only a shell; it may look great from the outside but is not very useful to anyone going inside. We offer copywriting services for all of our websites to ensure your message is presented perfectly.

6. Site Launch
The most exciting portion of the website design process is making your site live to the world. We work with you to ensure that the website is exactly right before making it live. We also validate the site to ensure it is showing up in search engines as expected.

7. Website Maintenance
Just because your website is complete doesn't mean our relationship ends there. We provide a maintenance package for an agreed-upon monthly rate or on an as needed basis. Website maintenance can involve anything from updating pricing, photos and text on a single page to adding new sections of service, such as website utilities. By working together we can make sure your site stays on top!

8. Search Engine Optimization
All of our websites are "search-engine ready"; meaning that we can start the search engine optimization process at any time. Search Engine Optimization is more than just building a search engine friendly website. It includes title- and meta-tag creation and optimization, web page text re-visitation to ensure your key phrases are being targeted, and link building techniques to give you long term results. We adhere to the rules of SEO (search engine optimization) to ensure your website will not be seen by the various search engines as spam. This takes more effort but gives better results in the long run.

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