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Reynolds Design Studios is proud to offer Animation services using Adobe Flash®. Basic or complex, we design headers / introductions that can contain video, rotating images and sound.

Flash is one of the best tools for creating customized maps. If your business needs, or would like to offer, a map of almost any type we will use Flash to give you a map that is easy to use and provides stellar response times. For example say you need a mall map. We can create the map from a diagram provided from a user file of almost any type. Content is placed on the map to show store locations or other areas of interest. This content can even be tied to a database to make updating the map even easier. Lastly, points of interest can be tied to other pages on the site or to content completely independent of the site. Now that’s customizability!

If you’re into video or audio Flash is great for creating video / audio players with custom features. Files containing video and audio can even be tied to a database providing visitors with a way access to your content even easier.

Bottom line, if audio and video are important to you then Reynolds Design Studios and Flash are what you need.

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