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As the cornerstone of our three major services, we pride ourselves on our web development capabilities. With the ease of creating websites using WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) programs such as Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver, practically anyone can be a "web designer". However, while you wouldn't install a natural gas line in your house with the help of Uncle Bob, why would you trust your corporate image to an amateur? Let the professionals at Reynolds Design Studio create an image you can be proud of.

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Custom Website Design

When we say "custom" we mean CUSTOM. We do not create "customizable" templates. All of our websites start with a design meeting, either in person or over the phone, to determine the vision you have for your site. We then create a mockup, have you review the project, make changes, and when approved we start to build. Our motto of "design every page" means every page will get its own flair while staying true to the overall vision of the site.

Databases & Programming

We code in PHP and MySQL, both are open-source languages and run on Linux / UNIX servers. We create small to medium sized database solutions for businesses looking for dynamic and easily updatable content on their sites. Creating a database solution starts with a design meeting. You tell us what you want the utility to accomplish then we come up with a solution to fit your needs.

Facebook Landing Pages

Staying cutting edge is a cornerstone at Reynolds Design Studio and that means keeping up on the latest social media trends. Does your social media presence lack the impact the rest of your marketing has? Contact Reynolds Design Studio to have a custom Facebook landing page created for your fan page.

Flash® Animation & Development

Animation without wasting bandwidth, that’s Flash® in a nutshell. Since early 2000 we have been delving into the world of Flash®, creating applications, animations and database solutions (such as interactive maps) using this great technology. Flash® allows you to have rich animated objects without the need for full video or the repetitiveness of animated gifs. Contact Reynolds Design Studio today for a quote on having Flash® added to your project.

Web Utilities

Over the years we have created many custom designed utilities for use on websites. Many of them have a base in either PHP or Flash® and have the ability to be customized to meet the needs of your company. Please visit our WEB UTILITIES page to learn more about the utilities that Reynolds Design Studio can install onto your website.

Website Consultation

Need help in determining what solution would be best for your online needs? Reynolds Design Studio will meet with your team and map out a solution that maximizes your presence on the web with a minimum of fuss.

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